If you did not attend the Titanium Mastermind in the Bahamas this year, here’s what you missed.

This was by far our biggest Mastermind – close to 350 people were in attendance, from all over the world.

For 3 full days, people were immersed in some of the best business-building training money can buy.

Speakers included Russ Whitney, Fred Catona, Kevin Harrington, Daven Michaels, Chris Lakey, Jeff Gardner, and Kate Buck Jr.

The Titanium Mastermind focus’s on 3 key areas; traffic, conversions, and leverage.

Topics covered ranged from building $250,000,000 / year seminar business’s, helping to launch billion dollar companies through radio advertising, outsourcing everything possible in your business to free up your time, and lessons learned after selling over $4 billion worth of products through TV infomercials.

One of the attendees even got a $100,000 deal with Sharktank’s Kevin Harrington.

The Atlantis resort was amazing – including its enormous water park.  It’s one of those places that you can’t appreciate, until you’ve seen the sheer size of it in person.

If you missed this Titanium Mastermind, don’t miss the next one!  Further details can be found HERE.

And if you were there, leave a comment and let us know how much you enjoyed it…