At every Titanium and Platinum Mastermind, MOBE will usually host a 5 day ‘Immersion’ coaching program after.

This is for a small group of people who want to work with Matt Lloyd and some of the top affiliates in MOBE 1-on-1, and take their business to the next level.

This video contains a snippet of the 1-on-1 session Diamond Member Larry Crisp did during his Immersion consulting session.

Questions asked:

[00:10] Matt, if you were in our position where would your focus be?

[11:30] You mentioned the other day getting them to the MOBE sales page, so that when we got them on the phone they were educated or something right?

[12:24] You don’t think that’s going to be a hindrance to somebody though, asking to get them to fill out this form for the phone appointment?

12:45 Any suggestions as far as wording towards the MTTB sales page or do we kinda have him outline it in the video?

13:10 But most of the MTTB sales that’s the route we take, through the email autoresponder?

13:19 If they go through, they’re just in the autoresponder? They never set the phone appointment?

14:25 And those videos are ones that you have in your email sequence?

14:35 Just trying to work out how many pages do you actually want to have?

14:45 So we’re linking back to this phone appointment page, this questionnaire, what’s your vision for threading in these 5 or 6 videos?

15:48 So you don’t have any concern about how many pages there are after the opt-in?

16:40 As far as autoresponders, how many should be in the sequence?




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