In this video, I share some lessons learned after hiring many, many people over the last few years to help me grow my company.

When I was a brand new internet marketer, and it was just me working out of my bedroom, I strongly resisted hiring anyone.

My dream business was one that didn’t involve any staff… was automated… and that didn’t take up much of my time.

While that scenario is certainly possible, it’s less and less likely if your goal is to create an 8, 9, or 10 figure a year company (which was what I wanted to do).

At some point, you need to bring on staff.  And more importantly, you need to bring on the right staff.

It took me years to learn how to do this effectively… but eventually I did figure it out.  And all of that knowledge can be yours, with The O.P.T. Formula.

Like it’s name suggests, it shows you how to leverage Other Peoples Time – so you can scale your business into the next revenue bracket.  Details HERE.

Also, here’s the hiring funnel I built, if you want to check it out: (this is targeted to hiring local people here in Kuala Lumpur)