Diamond Member, Darren Salkeld, comes from a small town in central Canada. Not so long ago he worked as a factory laborer, making just a few hundred dollars per week. He was living in a mobile home trailer and driving a beat up old pickup truck. He worked long 14-hour days, but yet his debt continued to pile up, and he began to think that the light at the end of the tunnel was just another train coming to steam roll his dreams.
Like many, he grew up thinking that you had to work hard to be successful. But the work hard and wait plan didn’t seem to get him any further ahead, it only made his stress levels go up and it completely exhausted him. He began to wonder what the difference was between successful people and himself. He knew that they weren’t necessarily smarter than him, they definitely didn’t work harder than him, and so what was the difference? Darren made it his mission to find out. If you can think of it, Darren has tried it. From MLM, to franchises, to stuffing envelopes, he has tried them all. He has had his fair share of stumbles along the way, but the discovery he made changed his life.
The secret trend that he discovered among all successful people was two words, systems and relationships. This secret was what attracted Darren to MOBE. In his first four months with MOBE as a licensed partner he was able to generate over $1,000,000 in commissions. He now lives in a custom built home just a few minutes away from a championship golf course, and he also has a second home in beautiful Riviera Maya Mexico. Life was not always like this for him, but because of his drive to succeed Darren was able to create this life for himself.

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