This was my opening segment at the Titanium Mastermind, 2014 (Bahamas).

If you implement the simple method I teach you here, it has the potential to radically transform your business (and life).

This method is more important than any tactic or strategy I could show you – because it’s all about creating conditions that make implementation of necessary action steps inevitable.

I know it doesn’t sound sexy.

But… the No. 1 area where people struggle in online marketing and building their business, is getting the right things done.

The natural tendency for most of us is to procrastinate, learn more ‘stuff’ before we feel we are ‘ready,’ and to do everything we can to avoid making any mistakes.

In other words, our natural tendencies keep us exactly where we are.

But when you apply what I teach you in this video, you’ll find a simple method to shortcut these limitations…

… and get practically any result you want.

At the end of the video you’ll hear me talk about my own business goals, as well as my fitness goals (including a crazy plan to run 5 miles, do 500 push ups, and 300 push ups, every single day for the next 90 days).

Watch this video in full. Don’t skim through it. Watch it all, and then ask yourself,

“how can I apply this method in my own life, to reach my business targets?”

Then go do it.

When you’re ready, post your goals, deadline, and self-created consequences in the MOBE 90 Day Challenge Facebook group at (it’s free to be a member).

And then each day, post proof of yourself completing the day’s action steps.

Use the group to keep you accountable, and help keep others accountable.